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Wednesday, 15 April 2009 08:16

Today Bath & North East Somerset Council confirmed that it was in discussions with The Recreation Ground Trust regarding a potential land transfer to the Trust as a possible means of ensuring the long term future for Bath Rugby at the Rec. Read the full B&NES press release here andthe Bath Chroniclearticle here. This is a major breakthrough for the future development of the Rec.

The Real Friends of the Rec have expressed their delight at the positive developments announced today by Bath & North East Somerset Council in relation to the Recreation Ground, Bath.

Real Friends Chairman Peter Downey commented: “Ever since the possibility of a land swap was raised and Bob Calleja’s response saying the concept was worthy of consideration, we have felt optimistic that this represented a realistic way towards the outcome that the people of Bath want.

“We’re delighted that the Council has responded quickly and imaginatively, and would like to offer our congratulations to all those concerned for their decisive actions. If the Charity Commission accepts this proposed land swap as a way of balancing the benefits and detriments, then we really do see light at the end of the tunnel. The fact that Bath Rugby also responded so positively to the land swap concept further justifies the view that this is the breakthrough we have all been working for.

“The beauty of this is that the Firs Field will be secured as an open space, the Recreation Ground Trust will have an ongoing source of income that will make the charity financially viable, and the people of Bath and beyond will see world-class sport on the Recreation Ground.”

“We certainly feel sufficiently positive and we hope that the Club is of the same view, to be thinking about the next stage, which will require detailed plans and financing to be put in place. We are well aware that due to the current economic climate we cannot simply expect Bath Rugby to do this on their own and will help in anyway we can.

“We believe it will require a major collective effort to drive this important project forward, but we feel very positive that our motto of ‘All Sports for All People’ is closer now than it has ever been and Bath Rugby can achieve a facility that reflects their status as a leading club in the Rugby world.”


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