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Written by rfotr   
Friday, 28 March 2014 17:54

Yesterday the Charity Tribunal released its decision on the appeals against the Charity Commission’s proposed Scheme for the Rec (see here for full text). The Scheme has been amended with 3 key points being:

  • Only one B&NES Councillor on the Recreation Ground Trust Board who cannot be Chair.
  • No longer a separate Trust for the Rec and the Leisure Centre. The two Trusts to be combined immediately.
  • The Rugby Club can have no extra land beyond what is currently used for the East Stand. A compensating land swap with the Lambridge Training Ground or some other arrangement should be decided by the new Recreation Ground Trust Board.
Notes from Rec Briefing by Nick Blofeld PDF Print E-mail
Written by editor   
Friday, 28 February 2014 16:56

Last night (Weds 26th February) the RFOTR hosted a briefing on the Rec given by Nick Blofeld, Chief Executive Bath Rugby, on the plans for a new arena on the Rec. It was an excellent evening attended by c. 70 RFOTR members and Nick gave members a lot of detail about the background to the new arena, the design itself, and the plans for construction. Nick fielded many questions during and after his presentation. Our many thanks to Nick for his time and a great presentation. The summary below tries to convey the essence of Nick’s presentation and the Q&As.

Summary of Charity Tribunal Hearing PDF Print E-mail
Written by rfotr   
Saturday, 18 January 2014 17:20

The Charity Tribunal regarding the appeal against the Charity Commission Scheme for the Rec was held at Bath Magistrates' Court on Mon Jan 13th, Tues Jan 14th and Thurs Jan 16th. The objectors (aka the Appellants) were Nigel Websper (Chair of the Pulteney Estates Residents Association), Jack Sparrow (who submitted an unsuccessful application to have the Rec registered as a Town/Village Green) and Rosemary Carne. The Respondents were the Charity Commission (CC) and the Recreation Ground Trust. RFOTR Committee members attended throughout the hearing and this is our summary and understanding of the proceedings reported to the best of our abilities.

Merry Christmas & Rec Update PDF Print E-mail
Written by editor   
Monday, 23 December 2013 12:34
As 2013 comes to an end we would like to take this opportunity to wish all RFOTR members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We would also like to give members an update on the progress and status of four key activities that should finally lead to the redevelopment of the Rec and to provide a first-class venue for "All Sports for All People". 2013 has been a year of excellent progress on all fronts.

1. The Charity Commission Scheme for the Rec
The Charity Commission gave the go-ahead for a Scheme for the Recreation Ground in June 2013. The key elements of the Scheme are:
  • A new trustee body of at least seven Trustees for the Rec.
  • Powers given to the Recreation Ground Trust to grant a new lease to Bath Rugby on the land it currently occupies, together with some additional land (the 'land swap' with the former Bath Rugby training ground at Lambridge). This would enable Bath Rugby to redevelop its ground to meet Premier League standards.
  • A separate trust created for the Leisure Centre.

See for full details.

The new Rec trustee body is now up and running with ten trustees making up the Rec Trust Board (see for a list of trustees). The new Rec Trust Board will be responsible for implementing the Scheme for the Rec and to grant a new lease to Bath Rugby.

Three individuals (Jack Sparrow, Rosemary Carne, and Nigel Wepsper) have challenged the Charity Commission Scheme and have appealed to the Charity Tribunal to have the Scheme overturned. The RFOTR made a submission (read here) at the Directions Hearing of the Tribunal in October. The full hearing of the Tribunal will be held at Bath Magistrates Court on 13 – 15 January and will be open to the public.

News Updates PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 22 September 2013 00:00


ew - At long last the Charity Commission has made the decision to go ahead and adopt its Scheme for the Rec. This is excellent news as it clears away a major roadblock to the development of a new arena and new facilities on the Rec enabling 'All Sports for All People'.

The Committee of the Real Friends of the Rec is delighted with this decision and would like to acknowledge the efforts of the Chair of the Rec Trust, Cllr David Dixon, and the other Trustees whose patience over several years has now paid off. We are also pleased that adoption of the Scheme incorporates the concept of a 'Land Swap' that was raised by a RFOTR member at a RFOTR meeting a few years back.

More information about the Charity Commission decision is available on the Bath Rec Trust website.


ew - A summary of the results from the recent Rec Consulation have been published by the Trustees of the Bath Rec. There were 4515 responses with 86% stating 'Strongly Agree' or 'Agree' with the proposals (77% were actually 'Strongly Agree'). This demonstrates huge support for changes to enable the future redevelopment of the Rec. Read more.


ign Up - if you are not already signed up, or want to sign up you family, friends, neighbours etc. Click here to become a member, or click here to get your friends and family to join The Real Friends of the Rec.

Bath Rugby Purchase Lambridge PDF Print E-mail
Written by rfotr   
Monday, 02 April 2012 07:19

Bath Rugby have completed their purchase of the Lambridge Training Ground from Bath Football Club Trustees Ltd. This is a significant step forward as it means that Bath Rugby could donate the Lambridge Ground to the Bath Recreation Ground Trust in order to alleviate the 'detriments' caused by Bath Rugby taking on a larger footprint on the Rec. This would bring to fruition the idea of a 'land swap' to resolve the long standing issues at the Rec that was first mooted at the RFOTR AGM in January 2009.

We are now awaiting the successful conclusion of the ongoing discussions between the Recreation Ground Trust and the Charity Commission.

Meeting with Nick Blofeld - Plans For The Rec PDF Print E-mail
Written by Editor   
Friday, 23 September 2011 06:41
Members of the Executive Committee of the RFOTR met with Nick Blofeld, Chief Executive of Bath Rugby, last week and can report to members the latest information regarding Bath Rugby's plans for their presence on the Rec.

Bath Rugby has been in consultation with many interested parties including local residents associations. Although there are currently no definitive plans to view, Bath Rugby have an exciting and clear strategy which is still subject to agreement from the Charities Commission and local planning.

Plans for the Rec include adopting an “open view” policy with an exciting Pavilion to replace the current West Stand. This would involve a sympathetic, 21st Century heritage improvement of the riverside area incorporating a café, Club Shop and the opening up of the riverside, akin to a promenade/esplanade. Bath Rugby see it as a facility for tourists and local residents alike, as well as rugby supporters, and will be in keeping with the City’s continuing aspirations to retain its UNESCO status. The idea is to open views back towards the City - the Abbey, Pulteney Bridge and Parade Gardens and hence connect both sides of the river.

Plans in the future would include extending the South Stand further into the Rec, as the pitch will move over eastwards, a new North Stand (currently the Club House) and an innovative East stand. This stand would remain non-permanent, but become a modern, modular and possibly roofed area, to allow flexibility to move in and out for cricket/music and other sports. The final capacity is envisaged to be around 18,000.

This is all subject to a number of agreements and planning applications yet to be agreed, but Bath Rugby is confident that enormous strides have been achieved. They believe that with the help of the local Council, Residents Associations and other interested parties, an iconic new facility serving the needs of local residents and tourist as well as sports participants and fans can be achieved over the next few years. And sooner rather than later!
Information On The Rec PDF Print E-mail
Written by Editor   
Monday, 01 February 2010 17:22


great picture of the Rec but something is missing. Rec_view_minSee the full size image and read more here.


nteresting data on the usage (or rather non-usage!) of the Rec during 2008. 65% of available days outside Bath Rugby usage went unused. See the full data here.


onfused about who is who in the ongoing saga of the Rec? Read an excellent backgrounder on the Rec here.

Lambridge 'Land Swap' Update PDF Print E-mail
Written by editor   
Monday, 07 November 2011 07:44

As many RFOTR members will be aware the proposed 'land swap' deal involving the land at Lambridge is a key element in the proposal going to the Charity Commission that will enable redevelopment at the Rec.

Following the recent speculation in the Bath Chronicle suggesting that future use at Lambridge might be restricted, The Real Friends of the Rec has been assured by the Recreation Ground Trust that in the case of the Trust acquiring Lambridge under a 'land swap' deal, enabling the Rec redevelopment to take place, the same objects of the charity will apply to the newly acquired land as to the Rec. The objects of the Recreation Ground Trust are to provide as many sports and recreational events as possible. This is in line with the RFOTR principle of ASAP - 'All Sports for all People'.

There will clearly be an opening for many sports clubs and groups to make use of the much expanded public recreational space managed by the Recreation Ground Trust should the 'land swap' go ahead, and we would encourage all of those who are involved in sport in the area to engage with this opportunity.

We are making this statement in light of the media coverage of who should have a call on the Lambridge site in the future.

As to where the negotiations are, our understanding is that there the last details of the negotiations with Bath Rugby by the Recreation Ground Trustees have to be completed, details of which then are to go to the Charity Commission for the Charity Commission's approval.


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