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Temporary Planning Application Approved PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 30 July 2014 20:35
The Committee of the Real Friends of the Rec is delighted and relieved that  the B&NES Planning Committee have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the 2 year Temporary Planning Application by Bath Rugby (see here for details)

The support shown so convincingly by the Council for the Rugby Club and its exciting plans for its 150th Anniversary in 2015 is hugely important for what now needs to be addressed for the future.

Continued support is now needed to progress for full plans for the new Arena (perhaps with an International design competition) that will contribute to the long neglected River Front becoming a contributor to the enhancement of our World Heritage City.

This long overdue improvement, with the cooperation of the reconstituted Rec Trust will enable Bath Rugby to become the best Rugby Club in the Northern Hemisphere, but, more importantly provide the added income to the Trust to increase recreation and Amateur sport for Trust's beneficiaries.

RFOTR Committee Meeting With Rec Trustees PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 11 June 2014 15:57

The RFOTR committee have now had an interesting and informative meeting with members of the new Recreation Ground Trust committee, including their new chair Liz Bloor.

We understand that the Rec Trust have now lodged their right to Appeal against certain items contained within the Charity Tribunal decision. However, they are now awaiting a full financial assessment and indication of potential outcomes, before they finally decide later in the year whether or not to proceed with the Appeal.

This has time implications, as the Trust are also in the latter stages of discussions with Bath Rugby regarding their Heads of Terms (Agreement) which will outline the clubs future relationship with the Trust on both practical and financial grounds. As with most discussions, these have been robust and are taking time to get right, and there are various shades of opinion amongst the Rec trustees.  Liz Bloor assured us that the Trust is committed to getting to the right decision for the Recreation Ground as a whole, and all the groups who either currently, or may in the future, wish to use the Rec.

Liz Bloor concluded that she looked  “…forward to developing a useful working relationship between the Trust and the RFOTR….”

We would like to thank all RFOTR members who sent emails and letters to Liz in support of an Appeal.

Further Rec Developments & Bath Rugby Planning Application PDF Print E-mail
Written by editor   
Thursday, 22 May 2014 00:00
Bath Rugby has now submitted the planning application for the additional temporary structures at the Rec outlined in our last email. This application is for a 2-year period and will take the capacity at the Rec to 14,000. It will be in place for the 150 year celebrations to be held during 2015.

We would urge RFOTR members who live within BA postcodes to submit their comments on this planning application. The planning application can be found on the B&NES website here. There is a link near the top of the page that you can follow to make comments. Under the 'Documents' tab, and then under 'Associated Documents' you can find the set of documents submitted as part of the application that include drawings of the new temporary structures. The deadline for submitting comments is 12/6/2014.

As also reported in our last email the Rec Trust was seeking leave to appeal the decision of the Charity Tribunal that would effectively restrict Bath Rugby to carrying out any new development within their existing footprint only, including the temporary East Stand. The Rec Trust has been given leave to appeal certain items within the Charity Tribunal decision, and has until June 11th to decide whether or not to go forward with an appeal. This article in today's Bath Chronicle has more information.
Developments Following the Charity Tribunal Decision PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 06 May 2014 00:00

Following on from the recent decision by the Charity Tribunal there have been a number of developments about which we wish to make RFOTR members aware.

Firstly the newly reconstituted Recreation Ground Trust has decided to apply for leave to appeal the Charity Tribunal Decision which artificially limits the discretion of the Trust about future use of Rec land. Liz Bloor, newly elected Chair of the Rec Trust, said, “After thorough discussion by the Trustees, it is really clear that we are all disappointed with this decision by the Tribunal. It is financially unhelpful to the Trust and we believe there are some errors in the law which the Tribunal have applied.

Charity Tribunal Decision PDF Print E-mail
Written by rfotr   
Friday, 28 March 2014 17:54

Yesterday the Charity Tribunal released its decision on the appeals against the Charity Commission’s proposed Scheme for the Rec (see here for full text). The Scheme has been amended with 3 key points being:

  • Only one B&NES Councillor on the Recreation Ground Trust Board who cannot be Chair.
  • No longer a separate Trust for the Rec and the Leisure Centre. The two Trusts to be combined immediately.
  • The Rugby Club can have no extra land beyond what is currently used for the East Stand. A compensating land swap with the Lambridge Training Ground or some other arrangement should be decided by the new Recreation Ground Trust Board.
Summary of Charity Tribunal Hearing PDF Print E-mail
Written by rfotr   
Saturday, 18 January 2014 17:20

The Charity Tribunal regarding the appeal against the Charity Commission Scheme for the Rec was held at Bath Magistrates' Court on Mon Jan 13th, Tues Jan 14th and Thurs Jan 16th. The objectors (aka the Appellants) were Nigel Websper (Chair of the Pulteney Estates Residents Association), Jack Sparrow (who submitted an unsuccessful application to have the Rec registered as a Town/Village Green) and Rosemary Carne. The Respondents were the Charity Commission (CC) and the Recreation Ground Trust. RFOTR Committee members attended throughout the hearing and this is our summary and understanding of the proceedings reported to the best of our abilities.

Information On The Rec PDF Print E-mail
Written by Editor   
Monday, 01 February 2010 17:22


great picture of the Rec but something is missing. Rec_view_minSee the full size image and read more here.


nteresting data on the usage (or rather non-usage!) of the Rec during 2008. 65% of available days outside Bath Rugby usage went unused. See the full data here.


onfused about who is who in the ongoing saga of the Rec? Read an excellent backgrounder on the Rec here.

Notes from Rec Briefing by Nick Blofeld PDF Print E-mail
Written by editor   
Friday, 28 February 2014 16:56

Last night (Weds 26th February) the RFOTR hosted a briefing on the Rec given by Nick Blofeld, Chief Executive Bath Rugby, on the plans for a new arena on the Rec. It was an excellent evening attended by c. 70 RFOTR members and Nick gave members a lot of detail about the background to the new arena, the design itself, and the plans for construction. Nick fielded many questions during and after his presentation. Our many thanks to Nick for his time and a great presentation. The summary below tries to convey the essence of Nick’s presentation and the Q&As.

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Sunday, 22 September 2013 00:00

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